Decoding Karmapa: an Analysis on a World Religious Leader 解讀噶瑪巴:分析一位世界級宗教領袖

根據個人經歷的評論Review with Personal Experience 




I entrusted my spiritual life to him. He did not lead me into the right path, but regarded me as a "toy," "prey," and "pet" to manipulate, to prey on, and to emotionally abuse on. 



Karmapa Sexual Abuse 

The 17th Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje uses his religious status, religious power, authority and controlling power to pretend to be a teacher guru ’His Holiness’. He often commands female disciples to “obey”. The overwhelming propaganda, with his religious aura given together with the worship by thousands of people, made girls devout, trust, and obey Karmapa, and then Karmapa would easily abuse the victims. At the same time, he pretends to be the victim's boyfriend, through the use of phone sex, online sex, getting nude photos of the victim, giving gifts, sweet talk, chatting, singing, playing musical instruments, online dating, sending emoticons hugging and kissing via Skype, or texts such as "kiss", "hug", "love you" and sending out (false) tempting promises, beautiful lies, to confuse girls. All these make the victims mistakenly believe that they are in love with Karmapa. In fact all those are evil tricks that Karmapa used to prey on girls onto bed. Although these girls have not been forced to have sex with Karmapa by violence nor shown any resistance to Karmapa on bed, the girls agreed to have sex with Karmapa under deceptions and psychological pressure. This type of sexual assault can be described as ‘rape by deception.’ In fact, for girls, although they agreed to have sex in this situation, these are after all ‘unwanted sex.’



Emotional Abuser 

In addition to sexual abuse, Karmapa is also an abuser who likes to emotionally abuse women. He deliberately abuse women emotionally by sending out prejudiced and annoying remarks to girls, breaking promises, asking back for a gift, abruptly ending sex calls, sending an emoji of a man kicking off a woman via Skype, isolating girls by various orders, and discrediting other girls as mental patients to wedge among females, using various excuses to delay and cancel appointments, disappearing for long time after sexual activity, and brutally ordering victims to commit suicide. Karmapa's various forms of emotional extortion and abuse have made girls feel inferior, lost, desperate, disillusioned, etc., and have made girls to think about ending their lives by suicide. Karmapa would be so brutal because he completely ignored Buddhist compassion and morality, and sees that women are ‘preys’ and ‘pets’ that should be tortured. Women were used for preying on and being kept in cages. Its beautiful name can be said to be ‘harem’, not cage, because the owner of the cage is the "Dharma King." Usually, after he raped the victims by deceptive methods, he abandoned them and ‘left them behind the cold palace.’ It is regrettable that Buddhist leaders today have become like emperors under the feudal system.


It can be seen that the “Dharma King” abused the power caused by the support of followers and the power generated by large-scale publicity. Karmapa went through the strange upbringing of Tibetan tulkus, making him be treated as a prince and mentally unhealthy in his emotional development. He grew up in an all-male environment that was separate from women as it caused his confusion in sex. With social and cultural factors, such as gender inequality and Buddhist hierarchies, these religious frauds have been bred.

Females who are influenced by the large-scale propaganda will easily be deceived. 


In addition, girls are brainwashed by various religious worship and superstitious theories, respecting, trusting and worshiping the teacher, thinking that the guru can do anything, offering to the guru, and applying the pure vision secret practice. Most of all, the controversial ritual of sex practice has widely confused people.


In the winter of 2011, the Karmapa chatted with me through Skype in his room of Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala, India.




In a word, like Shi Xuecheng , Karmapa needs to calm down and make himself reflect on it in a solitary place. I have reported it to the State Bureau of Religious Affairs of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and will reserve the right to pursue legal action against Karmapa.